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Cisco IOU and VMware vSwitch

I have been looking around the interweb seeing Cisco IOU kicking around,I began to wonder how you could integrate this into an environment where you can build a lab with connections to external devices. e.g Firewalls, ACS server, other vendor routers etc. Particularly how would I build a test environment assuming that I could legitimately use IOU.  Anyway after looking a the article I could how this could be done with a physical machine, but how would this relate to an IOU machine in ESX Vmware. I would have multiple NICs tied to different VLANS, then use IOU2Net to connect interfaces in IOU to these different network; easy!!!

So as I sit back and dream of what could be if Cisco would release a version that I could be use in such a way, I realized a problem. "promiscuous mode" - this is require for traffic to traverse from the real work back into the IOU instance, however if you add new NICs to a vSwitch in E…

Multicast Traffic Generator without a PC

I have suffered the pain of trying to troubleshoot Multicast issues over the past few years (mainly across MPLS), however initially I struggled to find way of generating my own traffic independent of any application that was experiencing issues. Most of the time being the network guy I would not have access to run the application (sender) at one site and the client (receiver) at another site. I also would not be in the position to install my own sender + receiver devices on the network, so I was stuck with the tools available to me on the Cisco routers/switches at each end of the network.

Looking at the they assume that you are able to control the sender and receiver;  they have not mention two of the most valuable tools in my opinion to begin troubleshooting multicast.

ip igmp join-group

It does mention "show ip mroute count" and "show ip mroute" which are indeed valuable.

Maybe it …